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Young Drivers Advice for Running a Car!


Owning a car can be expensive, in many cases it comes second to owning or running your house. Here are the advice for running a car and some useful tips for keeping costs down!

What you will need

Once you’ve passed your driving test you’ll need the following before you can legally drive your car on the road.

Car insurance

This can be expensive so remember to shop around! Look our for offers or incentives that will reduce your insurance such as having a Smartbox fitted.

Car tax

Car tax is no longer transferable so you will need to tax your vehicle before using it. Costs rise from £0 to £1000 per year. Always worth checking car tax before you buy your car.


MOT is a yearly test for all cars over three years old. Always shop around for MOT prices and remember the government has set a limit of £54.85 to MOT a car.

Running costs


Try to determine how many miles you’ll cover and therefore the best fuel or engine type to suit. Generally, the bigger the engine the more fuel it will use! And being careful with your driving by not accelerating aggressively will conserve fuel. Remove heavy items in your car if you’re not using them, again this will reduce fuel bills.

Servicing and maintenance

The RAC calculated that it costs around £472 to maintain a used car for one year. Remember to factor this in and shop around for servicing and repairs.


It happens! Even in new cars. Always take out breakdown cover and be certain you know exactly what you are covered for.


When you buy a car, check out what it might be worth in a few years’ time. Some cars lose money faster than others.

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