10 Actions You Could Face Using Mobile Phones When Driving


It was revealed recently that Fines and points are to double for drivers caught using mobile phones. We have listed 10 actions you could face by using a mobile phone behind the wheel.

  1. Heavy fine

  2. Increase insurance premiums

  3. Loss of licence if passed test less than 2 years

  4. Possible loss of job if depends on driving

  5. Could affect job promotion or change of career

  6. Serious injury to either party causing financial burden and hardship

  7. Depression due to nature of using mobile phones

  8. Loss of respect to yourself and from others

  9. Increase in public transport burden if banned

  10. Jail if convicted for injury or death carrying up to a life sentence period (when new law becomes effective march 2017)

Since 2003, it’s been illegal to use a handheld mobile device while driving. It’s still legal use a hands-free kit if your phone is in a cradle, but you can still be stopped if this distracts you and causes you to drive carelessly.

When the law was first introduced, the penalty fine was just £30. In 2007 this was increased to £60. The current penalty for using a mobile phone while driving, which was introduced in 2013, is a £100 fine and 3 penalty points — although some first-time offenders are offered a remedial course instead.

Under the new plans, the remedial course would be scrapped so drivers would face a compulsory fine and penalty points. The penalties would also double, with the fine increasing to £200 and the penalty points going from 3 to 6.

Currently, novice drivers (who have passed their test in the last two years) can be disqualified after receiving 6 points instead of the usual 12. Under the new plans, this could mean an immediate ban for novice drivers after one mobile phone driving offence. (information source

If you need to make a call in a car please use a hands-free kit or bluetooth. If it is not an emergency please wait until you have finished driving to use your mobile phone.

Stay safe!

John Dixon – Aspiration Driving School

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