Extended Training Programs

At Aspiration Driving School, we’re strong advocates of the Pass Plus Course, and here’s why:

The Pass Plus Course is a specialized training program designed by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) specifically for newly qualified drivers. Its core purpose is to decrease the likelihood of accidents by providing advanced driving instruction and experience.

Our DVSA-approved driving instructors are dedicated to teaching safe driving for life, and the Pass Plus course aligns perfectly with that commitment. As you’d expect, we take a unique approach, customizing lessons to match your individual skills and abilities.

The Pass Plus course covers:

  • Motorway Driving
  • Rural driving
  • Night driving
  • All-weather driving
  • City Driving

There are numerous compelling reasons to consider the Pass Plus course, from becoming a safer driver to potentially reducing your insurance premiums and lowering the risk of road accidents. It provides you with the absolute confidence to fully enjoy your driving experience.