Elevate Your Fleet Driver with Aspiration’s Unique Approach

Did you know that over 25% of all road incidents involve someone driving as part of their job?

Health and safety laws are as crucial for driving as they are for any other work-related activity. Are you effectively managing the risks your drivers and business face? A professional driving course can significantly reduce these risks, leading to fewer injuries, less work-related health issues, and improved morale.


Company Fleet Driver Assessments & Training

If your employees drive company vehicles, ensuring their competence behind the wheel is vital.

A significant number of accidents and injuries result from work-related road incidents. By keeping your drivers’ skills up-to-date, you can substantially reduce the risks associated with your employees and fleet vehicles. The bonus? You could save up to 20% annually on running costs.

At Aspiration Driving School, we offer company fleet driving assessments and training customised to your unique needs.


Taxi Driver Training

Many local councils require you to pass a special driving test (known as the DVSA assessment) to drive a taxi or private hire vehicle in your region.

Aspiration Driving School specialises in comprehensive taxi driver training to fully prepare you for your taxi driving assessment.

With years of experience training all kinds of fleet drivers, we are here to assist. If you have specific requirements, such as an adapted vehicle, we offer free guidance and support.